Voters in battleground states weigh in on candidates

Voters out in force in battleground states of Michigan and Florida where Joe Biden is seeking to win for the Democrats, while President Donald Trump is trying to again seize them for another four years. (Nov. 3)

Video Transcript

ALVIN LI: I voted for Trump. And I think, especially in this, like, day and age it wasn't really a good choice for me. Like, I couldn't really figure out between the two, because I feel like this year specifically was a very, like, clashing and very dueling kind of, like, area. But in general I think, like, the Republican Party itself fits more of my values.

KARAN BEATY: You know what? I'm just kind of that type of person. I'm going to move on with my everyday life, You know, if Biden wins, I wish him the best, and his party, and life goes on.

CHRIS REAUME: Yeah, depends. I think if Biden wins. I think there might be some, I think Trump, it's not the Trump supporters that are going out and do all the damages and such. So, I guess it depends on who wins, as to whether there's going to be unrest or something.

STANLEY PARKER: The lines have been pretty smooth sailing, for the most part, this morning. There haven't been no extra long lines, and once the line got started, everything just went smoothly. I'm a returning citizen, and I got my rights restored. I was working with the FRRC, and I got my rights restored, and this is my first time voting. All my fines and fees were paid, and I got a chance to vote. So this is really important to me, and I think it should be very important to everyone else that's around that can vote.

LEILA ZERMENO: Since I work so much, I didn't have time to early vote. But my friend pressured me, she was like oh my God Leila, you have to come out and vote. So, before work, like right now, I voted. It was super easy, you know. I thought I was going to be hard but it wasn't.

WESTON JONES: I believe that Florida people are going to step up on the plate, you know, and do the right thing. I believe that. And there's so many of us, and different races but the main thing that they needed is to come on out.