Voters on unknown election outcome

As election workers across Pennsylvania continued chipping away at more than 1 million uncounted mail ballots, voters across the state just wait. State officials are counseling patience even as they said a winner might not be known for days. (Nov. 4)

Video Transcript

NICOLE HUNT: We have 500 people on the ground here in Philadelphia who have knocking door to door. We did over 200,000 knocks since October 1 to last night. We identified, I believe, about 50,000 Biden votes. So Philadelphia is definitely important. That's why we brought so many people from across our union.

MATT VELAHOS: As a Biden supporter, hoping that, you know, that ballots from people who mailed in from the city start to come in and that lead starts to grow a little bit. I think Trump's edging him a little now. There's like over a million votes left. So hoping that, hoping it works out for us.

RENE WEINER: I'm not surprised. I knew it was going to happen, that we were going to be the most important state, or I should say commonwealth, in this election.

- Why weren't you surprised?

RENE WEINER: Because Pennsylvania historically has not been a type of commonwealth that people would predict. It could go either way, depending on the candidates. There's a lot of conservative areas in Pennsylvania and there's also some liberal pockets like Philadelphia.

RON RAFFERTY: Well, I disagree with the mail-in ballots. I agree with the absentee ballots. But the mail-in ballots, I just don't agree on.

- Since there are mail-in ballots, what do you think about the timing of the counting?

RON RAFFERTY: I think every should have-- everything should have been counted by now.