Voting In Andover: Everything You Need To Know

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  • Tram Nguyen
    Politician in Massachusetts, US

ANDOVER, MA — Voters in Andover will head to the polls, Tuesday, for the 2020 general election.

In addition to the presidential and congressional races, there are two ballot measures and a key race at the state level on some Andover ballots, between Democrat Tram Nguyen and Republican Jeff Dufour.

Voting has been different this year thanks to rules approved to expand early and mail-in voting in light of the coronavirus pandemic, but you can still vote in person on Election Day.

The deadline to register to vote was Oct. 24. You can check your voting status on the Secretary of State's website, where you can also find your polling place.

Mail-in Voting

Mail-in ballots should be returned by mail or using the secure drop box at 36 Bartlet St. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 6 at 5 p.m. If you plan to drop off your ballot in person, you should do so before 8 p.m., Tuesday. They cannot be directly submitted at in-person voting locations.

You can track your ballot here.

Election day voting:

Polls in Massachusetts are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday. You can use the Secretary of State’s website to find your polling place.

  • Precincts 1 and 3: Youth Center at 40 Whittier Court

  • Precincts 4, 5 and 6: Wood Hill Middle School at 11 Cross Street

  • 2, 7, 7A, 8 and 9: Andover High School Richard J. Collins Field House at 80 Shawsheen Road

For questions about voting in Andover, contact the Andover Town Clerk’s Office at or (978) 623-8230.

The town has put in place coronavirus safety precautions for in-person voting.

Key Races

The following are the key contested races that will be on the ballot for Andover voters:

President/Vice President

  • Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (Democrat)

  • Donald Trump/Mike Pence (Republican) - Incumbent

  • Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker (Green-Rainbow)

  • Jo Jorgenson/Spike Cohen (Libertarian)


U.S. House 6th District

  • Seth Moulton (Democrat) - Incumbent

  • John Paul Moran (Republican)

  • Matthew Mixon (Independent) (Write-in)

U.S. Senate

  • Edward Markey (Democrat) - Incumbent

  • Kevin O'Connor (Republican)

Massachusetts House 18th Essex District

Ballot Questions

Question 1: "Right To Repair" Vehicle Access Requirement Initiative

  • Yes: A yes vote would require carmakers to expand access to mechanical data for all cars sold in Massachusetts beginning with model year 2022.

  • No: A no vote leaves the 2013 right-to-repair law unchanged.

Question 2: Ranked-Choice Voting Initiative

  • Yes: A yes vote favors adopting a system gives voters the option of ranking candidates on their ballot in order of preference, as opposed to selecting just one. And if no candidate gets more than 50 percent of first-choice votes, the candidate with the least first-choice votes is eliminated, and the voters who preferred that candidate have their votes reallocated based on their second choices. Then the ballots are recounted and the process is repeated until one candidate breaks the 50 percent threshold.

  • No: A no vote keeps the current system in place.

Read more: MA 2020 Ballot Questions: Right To Repair, Ranked-Choice Voting

Running unopposed:

U.S. House, 3rd District, Lori Trahan
Massachusetts Senate, 2nd Essex and Middlesex District, Barry Finegold
Massachusetts House, 17th Essex District, Frank Moran
Governor's Council, 5th District, Eileen Duff
Register of Probate, Pamela Casey O'Brien

This article originally appeared on the Andover Patch

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