Voting machine vendor won't get paid due to county error unless judge orders it

A judge will decide whether the Hinds County Board of Supervisors must pay a company hired to deliver voting machines for the Nov. 2 special election after another vendor bungled the work.

Professionals on Wheels was asked to step in a few days before the election when Terry's Installation delivered machines to the wrong precincts and some voting machines were accidentally overturned, according to county officials.

Professionals on Wheels did "superb work" with a quick turnaround, however, the county didn't issue a purchase order in advance so the company could be paid, said District 2 Supervisor David Archie.

When a purchase order for services or products has not been issued, by state law, the board is not required to pay, Board of Supervisors President Credell Calhoun said.

Sometimes steps in the process are missed when vendors are hired in a hurry, Archie said. But that is not the vendor's responsibility, it is the county's, he said.

"Many times when things are done under an emergency, then there are steps that are missed," Archie said. "So the only thing to do now is to correct the matter."

An electronic polling machine used in Hinds County elections.
An electronic polling machine used in Hinds County elections.

Calhoun said the board will meet Nov. 15 and deny payment to Professionals on Wheels, which will forward the matter to a judge. The judge will then decide whether the board will pay the contractor, Calhoun said.

A representative from Professionals on Wheels could not be reached for comment.

Delivery problems: New company delivering Hinds County voting machines after mixups

A voting machine
A voting machine

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This article originally appeared on Mississippi Clarion Ledger: Judge to decide whether Hinds County will pay contractor for election work