Voting open for fan favorite all-time McAlester linebacker

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Jun. 10—As the search continues to name the 2021 McAlester News-Capital All-Time McAlester Football Team, the next player position is coming up to a tally for the fan-favorite vote.

Fans will next have the opportunity to vote for their top favorite McAlester linebackers of all-time or write in their own candidate. As one of the components of the notorious "Black Death" defense, these position players helped keep opposing offenses in check.

This vote will be the third in the ongoing series as the McAlester News-Capital looks to name the 2021 All-Time McAlester Football Team alongside an online fan vote. Polling days are Sundays and Wednesdays, opening at noon and closing at noon the following day.

Voting will be broken down by position throughout the month of June, with multiple names being suggested. If a fan doesn't see a name they think should be honored, they can vote for that person with an online comment or email to

The 2021 McAlester News-Capital All-Time McAlester Football Team is a local sports project meant to be shared with the surrounding community in an effort to update and name some of the top Buffs players from throughout the years and create friendly discussion among fans ahead of the start of the 2021 football season.

The following are some of the names that will be up for vote for their work as running backs, but is not a complete list of finalists. Any other names can be voted on by comment on social media:

Tracy Price — Class of 1989

Brian Brown — Class of 1989

Robby Wood — Class of 1986

Kevin Keith — Class of 1988

Billy Holt — Class of 1968

Richard Carney— Class of 1969

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