VP Harris holds town hall on Rescue Plan

Vice President Kamala Harris holds a virtual town hall with members of Congress and leading women's advocacy groups to highlight the need for the American Rescue Plan, especially to help women who have suffered during the pandemic. (Feb. 18)

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: And let me be clear. We all know this. Our economy cannot fully recover unless women can participate fully. So I believe, I think we all believe, this isn't a national emergency. Women leaving the workforce in these numbers, it's a national emergency, and it demands a national solution.

We do believe that the American rescue plan is a very big part of the solution to this issue in many ways. One, it will get immediate relief to women workers, including $1,400 checks to those who need it and at least $3,000 in tax credits to parents for each of their children. And the beauty of the significance of this is by doing that, we will lift up nearly half of the children who are living in poverty in our country.

The American Rescue Plan will also provide funding to help schools safely reopen and make a big investment in child care to help providers keep their doors open. And it will get America vaccinated. So simply put, the American Rescue Plan will help get women back to work.