VP Harris meets with Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Vice President Kamala Harris met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, immigration and other issues on Monday. (May 17)

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: We are going to talk about and work together. And again, I want to thank Chairman Ruiz for the work that we are going to do together as it relates to my-- one of my areas of focus, which is the Northern Triangle. And looking at how we can address the root causes of migration and work together in a way that is a continuation of the work we've already begun and the progress we've already seen around bringing federal agencies together, to enhance their focus, or renew their focus in that region.

Ranging from the Department of Agriculture to Secretary of Commerce, and hosting a virtual trade mission. To the work that we are doing to bring American foundations in to renew their interest in the region and increase their capacity to support the region. We are bringing CEOs of private corporations in the US together to think about their support.

The impacts of all of these issues, the poverty, the extreme food insecurity, corruption, violence, domestic violence, and the treatment of women and girls. So many of these issues are long-standing. Therefore, we know that the work we will do together is going to have to be a function of our commitment to a long-term approach.