VP Kamala Harris speaks at Chicago vaccination site

Vice President Kamala Harris made her first official visit to Chicago Tuesday.

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: Thanks, you guys. Well, you know, I-- I flew in. I landed. Because I wanted to come and see what you all are doing here. And, listen, we have organized labor to thank for building the middle class and driving and building the economy of America. And here, we have organized labor to thank for knowing how to organize people in a way that they can come to a place where they are treated with dignity, respect, and where they are supported. What you all are doing is so important, both for the folks who are administering the vaccinations and those who have received the vaccine.

Please tell all of your friends, tell your aunties, and uncles, and your grandparents, and kids that when it's their turn, it is their time. And let's all do what we need to do to be healthy, to be safe, to take care of ourselves and our families. And in that way, we will build back up what we need to do. And we will build back up better. Because Biden will tell you, and I feel very strongly, we're not trying to go back to what was normal. We're trying to do even better. And a large part [INAUDIBLE].


We're going to be working with your mayor, and with your governor, and your senators, and with the Congress members to do what we can to make sure we get shots in arms to everybody. And also, we have a plan that's going to be about building back up America's infrastructure. And that's going to be about jobs. It's going to be about good paying union jobs.

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KAMALA HARRIS: Not only what we need to do to build up our infrastructure, like roads, and bridges, and airports, but also what we need to do to build up human infrastructure. And that's about folks in the caregiving economy, the brothers and sisters in SCIU and others, and making sure that all working people are supported with good paying jobs that recognize the dignity of work. And so I want to thank you all for your leadership. And on behalf of the president and myself, we so appreciate you. And good to see you, and take care.

- Yes, ma'am, thank you.