South Side bakery sees surge in business, some backlash after VP Kamala Harris visit

The owner of Brown Sugar Baker said not only has business picked up since VP Kamala Harris' visit, but she also began getting racists voicemails and emails.

Video Transcript

- Vice President Kamala Harris is back in D.C. tonight after her trip here to Chicago.

- But before she left, the VP made a sweet pit stop.

TYERA ADUGBA: This is a tray of caramel.

- Oh, there we go.

TYERA ADUGBA: And then this is our tray of strawberry, lemon, and caramel.

- Sweet indeed. The vice president making a surprise visit to Brown Sugar Bakery, this is on 75th Street, alongside Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton and Cook County state's attorney Kim Fox. Brown Sugar's founder says the vice president wanted to support a small business, and the South Side bakery was on her friends' list of suggestions.

STEPHANIE HART: I'm freaking out still. To be on a list where you suggest something. I mean, I'm not sure what I'm going to suggest to the vice president.

TYERA ADUGBA: She could have went a million other places but she came here, and so I'm grateful for that.

MANCA STRODE: Just seeing how down to earth she is, coming to the bakery on the South Side of Chicago, it just made me-- I felt empowered.

- What an exciting visit. Vice President Harris got a slice of her favorite cake, German chocolate. And the bakery also treated her to trays filled with cupcakes.

- It is a visit they will never forget.