VP Kamala Harris stops by bakery on Chicago's South Side

Vice President Kamala Harris made a stop at a popular South Side bakery while she was in Chicago Tuesday to highlight vaccine equity.

Video Transcript

- The vice president making one other stop today at a popular South Side bakery. She stood outdoors and spoke to employees of Brown Sugar Bakery on 75th Street. They made sure that she did not leave empty-handed, giving her trays filled with caramel, lemon, and strawberry cupcakes. Lieutenant Governor Julianna Stratton and Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx were also there.

SHA HINES: It was an awesome feeling to be in such powerful female presence.

TYERA ADUGBA: It was awesome. I loved it. Like, it was good that I got to meet her.

- They also said the vice president talked about the business and how they have been doing during the pandemic.