VTA Releases Personnel Files Of Mass Shooting Gunman

Allen Martin reports on the initial findings by VTA concerning personnel files of mass shooter Samuel Cassidy (6-10-2021)

Video Transcript

ALLEN MARTIN: Well, New at 5:00, we are getting a deeper look into the 20-year history of the VTA gunman and his time with the transit agency. VTA just released more than 200 pages related to the personnel file of Samuel Cassidy after he shot and killed nine of his co-workers at a light rail yard facility. They say that so far, there is no indication of any formal discipline for threatening behavior or violence. However, four separate incidents were elevated to management.

In January of 2020, there was a verbal argument between Cassidy and a co-worker. A colleague says that another employee talked about Cassidy saying, quote, "He scares me. If someone was to go postal, it'd be him." But there was no more information to explain or support that concern. VTA says it continues to look into that incident.

VTA also described the three other incidents involving Cassidy. July 2019, he was suspended without pay for two days after refusing to follow company policy in signing out a two-way radio. Last October, Cassidy refused to attend a mandatory CPR training, citing COVID concerns. And last November, he left work without permission after having trouble clocking in. He also used a work radio for personal communication. And you can find more on the VTA's initial findings in our story on kpix.com.