This VTEC-Powered AWD Mini Cooper Could Be the Ultimate Winter Daily

Photo credit: Gildred Racing
Photo credit: Gildred Racing

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Looking for an all-wheel-drive car to daily-drive this winter? This Mini Cooper might be the perfect fit. It's been restored and modified to fit a Honda CR-V drivetrain, B20 engine and all. The good news? It's for sale at a shop in California right now.

According to the seller, this car was built by Minitec, a shop in Royston, Georgia that specializes in swapping Honda powertrains into Minis. Over $80,000 was invested into the project, which involved adding new subframes, a roll cage, coil-over suspension, wide-body fenders, and racing bucket seats.

The VTEC-equipped inline-four engine and all-wheel-drive system were sourced from a CR-V crossover, and are controlled via a Hondata S3000 ECU. Limited-slip differentials have been added to the front and rear for added traction. Other upgrades include a grille-mounted light bar, a stainless steel exhaust system, bigger brakes, and air conditioning.

The car is currently listed for sale by Gildred Racing, a Mini shop in Buellton, California, with an asking price of $49,000—nearly half what it cost to build the car initially.

If you're looking for something fun to drive through the winter, we'd recommend picking this thing up, slapping some winter tires on it, and calling it a day. If you'd rather keep this Mini salt-free, it'd make a great autocross car or track day weapon.

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