Vuemix Will Forever Change the Way People Search, View and Share Video Content

Vuemix for iPad lets you preview 9 videos at once -- choose from YouTube, NBC, CNN, FOX, MTV, History Channel and more. Click here for high-resolution version

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 22, 2013) - The way you watch video is about to change forever.

Vuemix for iPad -- available today in the App Store -- puts nine videos playing at the same time on one screen. Users can preview multiple active streaming videos on topic such as Sports, Movies, Fashion, Technology, News, Music and more and can search within these topics for the latest videos. With Vuemix, there's no need to click each video to start playing. All the selected videos are streaming and playing at the same time.

Vuemix is available today in the App Store at The app is free without live preview of videos. Users can upgrade for $2.99 through in-app purchase after a "try-before-you-buy" period.

"Vuemix has developed a cloud-based video platform that represents a new primary technology that will forever change the way people search, view and consume video content," said Govind Kizhepat, CEO of Vuemix. "By being able to view multiple videos simultaneously, the Vuemix platform not only delivers a custom interactive experience that is not possible using today's conventional video platforms, but also makes video searching and browsing a lot quicker."

With Vuemix, users search videos the same way they perform a text search. Just enter the topic that interests you and instantly choose from the selection of videos playing. The highly scalable, cloud-based Vuemix platform lets consumers not only search for specific videos but also view multiple videos of the search results simultaneously without having to click through video after video. Vuemix allows you to navigate through different categories of content and also lets you watch nine videos at a time from your Facebook feed.

Only Vuemix delivers nine simultaneous video clips. When you see the video you wish to watch, simply tap on the screen to get a text box describing what you are watching or expand to full screen in high resolution.

Creating a "Mix" and Sharing
Users can easily build their own "Mix" to share with Facebook friends by easily selecting their own Favorite videos and with one click share the collage of videos to their Facebook wall. When logged in via Facebook, the Vuemix iPad app allows the nine most recent videos posted by your friends to be aggregated into a single wall display.

A Platform for Content Providers
The Vuemix platform also gives content owners unprecedented flexibility to deliver a unique, interactive and customizable multi-tile video experience to each consumer thereby increasing the engagement time significantly. The platform is fully compatible with existing Web and HTTP standards and generates video formats dynamically depending on the receiving device of the consumer, be it an iPad, iMac, Android device or a Windows laptop.

About Vuemix
Vuemix is the only iPad app and backend platform for consuming video that combines multiple video clips into a single video stream of active video tiles. The Vuemix platform delivers a custom interactive experience unlike any other conventional video platform. Vuemix is led by founder and CEO Govind Kizhepat, a pioneer in consumer audio and video compression. Please "Follow" Vuemix on Twitter and "Like" us on Facebook. To learn more, contact us at

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