WA man indicted for abusive sexual contact on flight to Seattle

SEATTLE - A Federal Way man is being indicted for illegally touching a stranger seated next to him on a flight from San Diego to Seattle.

According to records in the case, 25-year-old Desmond D. Bostick allegedly touched the victim on the thigh and grabbed her buttocks when she stood up to let the passenger in the window seat exit the row.

Bostick also allegedly used a blanket he brought on the plane to hide his conduct.

After the plane touched down, the victim reported the incident to flight crew, and law enforcement began its investigation.

Bostick had left the airport by then and his location was unknown. The FBI located and arrested him on February 9.

The U.S. Attorney's Office released a report in June 2023 about an alarming increase in sexual misconduct on aircraft, including four federal criminal cases filed in 2024 so far.