Wagner Group mercenaries creating illusion of effectiveness, but suffering huge numbers of dead

Destroyed Russian equipment
Destroyed Russian equipment

“They will be able to advance for a few more months. It is important to understand that these are not registered (fighters) – they do not belong to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, so it pretty much means that they are absolutely disenfranchised.” Kuzan said.

“The concepts that prevail in these subdivisions are extra-statutory, to put it mildly, and in reality, they are absolutely criminal concepts. ‘We don't give up’ means that no one backs down. Retreating will result in either mutilation, which may include loss of limbs, or death. The wounded can be finished off – it’s absolutely normal (for them).”

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There are multiple cases of a person dying not from injuries received, but from a shot or smashed skull, (killed by their own side) so as not to “suffer” on the battlefield, the expert added.

“This entire set of circumstances generally creates the illusion that the so-called “Wagnerites”, units of these formations, are more effective than the Russian army,” said Kuzan.

“This is a completely false impression, because in terms of combat skills, only the very core of them knows how to fight – the mercenaries who went through training in hot spots and have actually acquired skills.”

The rest of the unit consists of convicts who agreed to test their luck in Ukraine:

“There is no pity for those ones. They are also used as ‘night donkeys’, when one fighter goes, and one or more unskilled fighters follow behind, who have the task of carrying his ammunition, various types of weapons, to relieve the fighter and, therefore, to take the blow, (from return fire).”

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This is what the fake efficiency of the “Wagnerites” generally looks like, Kuzan concluded:

“This is a temporary solution,” he said.

“As long as they receive reinforcements from this disenfranchised personnel,they can afford waves after waves of attacks (maybe up to 10 attacks a day, now a little less due to weather conditions). Until then, they can show feigned effectiveness – a linear advance to the front for several hundred meters, maybe even a kilometer, because there is no question of complex military operations.”

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