Wait, Was Ryan a ‘Bachelorette’ Producer Plant?

Anyone catch Michelle Young’s Bachelorette premiere last night? Because it was wild—mostly thanks to the arrival of Ryan, who had a master plan for his time on the show that he just HAPPENED to leave lying around in clearly marked folders.

Quick recap for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to watch: Cohosts Kailtyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams discovered Ryan’s playbook, and Michelle confronted him. He attempted to defend himself to cameras, saying, “When I’m watching the episodes I write stuff about Michelle....My friends gave me summaries of what The Bachelor is, and that’s what’s written down there. There’s nothing disingenuous... I’m not trying to do anything for the right reasons. I’m here for the right reasons. I’ve just never seen the show enough.”

Honestly, it was all completely unhinged even for Bachelor Nation, and fans are convinced that our dude was a producer plant. There are a gazillion tweets just like this, but here’s a sampling:

Oh, and as for Ryan’s claim that he’s not that familiar with The Bachelorette? Reality Steve went ahead and posted proof that he was “the Bachelor in San Jose during ‘the Bachelor Live on Stage’ Tour last year.”

Which, some fans are pointing out could have been where he was cast if he was actually a producer plant:

Anyway, Ryan doesn’t seem to have commented on his time on the show directly (nor has he addressed producer plant allegations), but he did post a video of himself drinking wine last night, saying, “If this is happening, at least I’m going to enjoy myself.”

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Bye, Ryan. See you on Paradise, I assume!

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