Waiter stuns TikTok with video showing how much he makes in tips: ‘Y’all get paid like that?’

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A waiter’s post is going viral, thanks to an envelope of cash he apparently made at his job.

Ason Pauly (@asonpauly) is a 21-year-old TikToker who works in the service industry. In a recent clip, he posted footage of what appeared to be money that he’d earned from tips.

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“Servers making their biweekly deposit,” Pauly captioned the post.

His video is just the latest entry in a recent trend, where TikTokers have shared their earnings at service industry jobs.

In one clip, a Hooters waitress tracked her tips during the course of a workday. In another, a couple who work as waitresses at a popular sports bar compared their daily earnings.

Many of these videos show waiters, waitresses and bartenders making large sums of money during a day. TikTok commentators are often surprised by the amount.

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The same was true of Pauly’s clip, and his post now has over 2 million views and countless comments from shocked TikTokers.

“Y’all get paid like that?” one user asked.

“I need to serve somewhere else bc how r u making that much?” another wrote.

“It depends on WHERE you serve at,” another argued.

It’s unclear where Pauly works, or how many days’ worth of tips he showed in his clip. But he did seem confident about the earning potential for service industry workers. In a follow-up, he gave his biggest tips for maximizing income as a waiter.

Overall, he emphasized making a good first impression and making customers feel like they’re “the only people in the entire restaurant.” He also noted the importance of anticipating customers’ needs.

“It’s really just the small s*** that makes [for] being a server,” he added.

Despite the examples in videos like Pauly’s, waiters and waitresses still make considerably less on average than many other professions.

In 2020, the average American worker earned $41,535 a year. Meanwhile, the average waiter or waitress made $23,740.

That said, it seems that Pauly’s advice was largely directed at young people — especially those who may be in school or have yet to start other careers.

“If you’re at least 18 years old, you need to be serving tables,” he said in the video. “If you haven’t started your career yet, you need to be serving tables. You can make a lot of money.”

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