Waitress assaulted and forced into car after chasing group who walked out without paying

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 (ABC 6 Action News)
(ABC 6 Action News)

Police in New Jersey are appealing for information after a group of people attacked a waitress who chased them out of the restaurant after not paying their bill.

Five people skipped out on paying their $70 tab at Nifty Fifties Diner in Turnsville on 19 June. When the waitress, 20, confronted them about it, she was snatched away into their car, assaulted and then left on the side of the road, according to authorities.

“The waitress was taken into the vehicle and the suspects drove away with the waitress in the vehicle,” a police statement read.

The incident is believed to have taken place at 11.15 pm. Police have released photos of the suspects and images of their getaway car.

“They pulled her into the vehicle and assaulted her inside the vehicle,” Chief of Washington Township Police Patrick Gurcsik said to ABC 6’s Action News.

In the video, the party of five get in their white car as they are chased down by the waitress after they leave without paying for what they ordered.

As the Dodge Durango drives away, one of the passengers in the back seat is seen jumping out of the car, and then someone else yanks the waitress inside of the car.

“The vehicle headed north on Route 42, made a U-turn and was heading south towards Munroe Township, and pushed her out of the vehicle,” Gurcsik said.

According to Gurcsik, the waitress’ injuries were bruising and a potential concussion. The waitress is considered lucky by the emergency services to not have been more hurt and have managed to get away from the attackers quick enough. She was able to quickly get back to the diner to alert the authorities.

The waitress’ colleagues and other customers were shocked to hear about the assault.

“Say it ain’t so,”John Hill, a fellow member of staff at the diner, said to Action News. “As an employee that makes me feel sad, you know, and mad.”

It is believed that the restaurant was having difficulty hiring staff due to covid.

“They’re having trouble finding wait staff due to the pandemic and she came out to confront them,” Gurcsik said. He also warned that civilians should not “chase after accused suspects and confront them yourselves.”

Anyone with information to help identify them is asked to contact the police at 856-589-0330 or mdlongfellow@pd.twp.washington.nj.us

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