Wake County halts mass vaccinations of J&J vaccine at PNC Arena after 'adverse reactions'

The Johnson & Johnson mass vaccination clinic at Raleigh's PNC Arena has been put on hold as of Thursday after a "few people had an adverse reaction" to the vaccine.

Video Transcript

- As we come back, we're following breaking news right now at 4:00. The COVID-19 vaccination clinic going on right now at PNC Arena had to be shut down today because a number of patients had bad reactions to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine-- a county spokesperson just telling Eyewitness News, confirming that that is why the clinic was halted, but also added it was out of an abundance of caution.

Now "The Denver Post" reported a vaccine clinic in Denver also halted operations yesterday after 11 people had bad reactions to the J&J vaccine. We're working to learn more about this. We'll give you an update as soon as we know more.