Wake County leaders discuss why Apple chose Research Triangle Park

On Friday morning, Wake County leaders discussed why tech-giant Apple chose the Research Triangle Park for its east coast campus.

Video Transcript

- Yes, right now, I'm at Boxyard. This is in RTP. It's about four miles from where Apple will build its campus. Behind, me you can see folks enjoying lunch here. There are retailers.

There are restaurants here. And speaking here today, local leaders, including from the Research Triangle Foundation, a Wake County board of commissioners, and Greater Raleigh Chamber, they talked about why Apple chose RTP and the Triangle Region. The Triangle landing Apple's East Coast hub. And with it, some 3,000 jobs.

ADRIENNE COLE: We have been very intentional with incredible leaders in Wake County, and Durham County, and across the region, planning and housing, transit and transportation, education and workforce, and talent development all with sensitivity to diversity, equity, and exclusivity. When you look at our historical growth trajectory, it aligns with our progress today. And we are so very excited that we will be welcoming Apple to RTP in the very near future.

- And I had a chance to talk to the leaders one on one, hear from them and also about other plans for this area coming up at 4 o'clock. Live at RTP, Gloria Rodriguez, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.