WCPSS board expected to recommend that 6-12th graders return to Plan A

The Wake County Public School System board is expected to discuss options for students in sixth through 12th grades during Tuesday's work session and board meeting, which starts at 5:30 p.m.

Video Transcript

GLORIA RODRIGUEZ: Yes, Amber. That work session is going on right now. And Wake County Schools is expected to recommend that all students have the option to return for daily in-person instruction in April. This comes after that compromise legislation between the governor and Republican leaders.

So check out this footage that we have. The Wake County Public School System Board is expected to discuss options for students in sixth through 12th grades. The recommendations are for students on a modified calendar and early college to return on April 5th, students on a traditional calendar on April 8th, and year round students on April 14th. Currently, students in sixth through 12th grades are in the classroom in cohorts. They learn in person for one week at a time, and virtually for two weeks at a time.

A Wake County father starting a petition online asking for Plan A for all middle and high schoolers by April 7th. At least 1,000 people signing the petition. Brian Groesser has three kids who go to Wake County Schools. Two are in grades 6 through 12.

BRIAN GROESSER: By looking at April 7th, it allows for teachers who have been vaccinated or at least had the opportunity to be vaccinated as of February 23rd, it allows for them a period of six to eight weeks almost to get their vaccine, right? And at least half the first shot if not have both shots by that point. So the vaccine issue that had been raised, that is much alleviated if we are back by April 7th. And it gives us three weeks to prepare. We're not asking to start tomorrow.

GLORIA RODRIGUEZ: And I'm told they're not expecting a vote on this this evening. They'll also talk about this topic at the board meeting tonight, which starts at 5:30 in the evening. And I'll keep monitoring that work session for you. I'll have updates at 5 o'clock. Live in [INAUDIBLE], Gloria Rodriguez, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.