Wake school board to vote on Plan A return for 6-12th grade students

The Wake County Board of Education will vote on Monday to reopen more than 60 middle schools and high schools; the decision will impact tens of thousands of students in the district.

Video Transcript

TIM PULLIAM: Andrea, DeJuan, this is such a controversial topic among parents. In Wake County, there are more than 60 middle schools and high schools. The school board's decision tomorrow will impact tens of thousands of students.

Right now, sixth through 12th grade students in Wake County Public schools are in school on weekly rotations. But under the district's new recommendation, all students would return to Plan A in-person learning as early as April 5. Under the proposal, traditional students would return April 8, year round students April 14.

There is mixed reaction among parents. I spoke with Rebekah Werner by phone. She fought back tears as she told me she wants her 14-year-old and 17-year-old back in the classroom full time.

Why is that important?

REBEKAH WERNER: It is-- I'm so sorry, Tim, I just-- it is so important for so many reasons. I respect that we're doing everything we can to keep our children physically safe. But their mental health is equally important to me.

TIM PULLIAM: Shaquita Boone is mom to a seventh grader who is enrolled in virtual academy. But her daughter wants to be back in the classroom.

SHAQUITA BOONE: She would rather take that chance.

TIM PULLIAM: But mom is not willing.

SHAQUITA BOONE: I'm not, honestly. I'm not.

TIM PULLIAM: What do you think is best?

SHAQUITA BOONE: I feel that, yes, there should be an opportunity for children to come back. However, I think there should be a lot more thought into what happens when a child does come into contact with COVID if they're not showing symptoms.

TIM PULLIAM: Now, Plan A will still require face coverings, health screenings, proper hygiene protocols, and social distancing. All of this, DeJuan and Andrea, comes just as the CDC recommends three feet of social distancing in schools versus six feet. We will let you know what comes out of this meeting tomorrow. We are live tonight. Tim Pulliam, ABC 11, Eyewitness News.