In wake of storm Eta, boats wash ashore in Florida

Tropical Storm Eta washed boats ashore as it moved over the state after making landfall north of the heavily populated Tampa Bay area Thursday morning. (Nov. 12)

Video Transcript

MO TAGGERT: I mean, it got real bad. We started getting messages that boats were on shore, and then-- you know, there was like six boats on shore. All of a sudden, I get a message that my boat is on shore, at around like 10:30 at night.

Both my anchor lines snapped. So even my backup. I mean, it was a disaster. I mean, I came out here, and my boat's just up against the seawall, just smashing, smashing. And I thought I could save it at first, but, after like an hour of working at it with a few other guys, I realized it was gone.

Everyone out here on the water is really close. And I've already been offered a place to stay with them on their boats. A couple boats that no one stays on, I can crash there.