Mostly sunny with light winds

Friday will be sunny and beautiful with temperatures reaching the mid 40s.

Video Transcript

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A sunny stretch. Boy, it's really been the nicest stretch of February. And sunshine lasts through Friday. There's plenty of sunshine. In fact, with less wind, even though it may be a degree or two cooler than Thursday's highs, it will actually feel nicer because the wind won't be gusting all day.

The rain comes back first thing on Saturday. In fact, it starts as a brief mix north and west, maybe even an ice pellet briefly in the city, predawn, that goes quickly to rain. And then, some light accumulation far north and west, but that also gets washed away. Could be a coating to an inch or two in the Catskills and Poconos.

There is a window of dry weather over the weekend that will start Saturday evening. So Saturday night actually could be pretty nice when temperatures are in the 50s and the rain shuts down. And that will last into early Sunday. But then, it starts raining again by mid or late morning on Sunday, and goes through much of the afternoon.

This is your planner for your Friday. Lots of sunshine across the board. Maybe late day there are some high clouds, especially on the southern horizon. Low and mid 40s, less wind should feel good, will cloud things over tomorrow night.

So mostly clear at 7:00 AM. Because we're dropping below freezing after all the melting, maybe a couple slick spots or some patches of black ice, be aware of that in the morning. Nice day overall, though. Lots of sunshine, light wind, and 44. Tomorrow night will cloud up. Your evening is just fine, it's a little cold.

And then, rain and snow starts to develop toward dawn on Saturday. In fact, there could be some coatings, highest elevations northwest New Jersey into maybe northern most Rockland County, near the I-84 corridor into Connecticut, parts of Dutchess, Putnam County, and into Ulster County. Then, a coating to a slushy inch or two in the higher elevations of the Poconos and Catskills. Again, a lot of that gets washed away.

There's your 44 and sun on Friday. A wet weekend, but remember that Saturday night could actually be nice because this is a late day high. So Saturday evening, around 50. The rain comes back by mid or late morning on Sunday. It rains throughout the afternoon. Both days, about a third of an inch of rain.

Any early showers on Monday, breezy and clearing with some sunshine, 52. Much colder at night, down to 28, a little cold shock. But it's really chilly on Tuesday. We don't get out of the 30s. But we warm up in time for the Wednesday storm, likely rain. Latest AccuWeather forecast, always on ABC7 NY.