Walk-In-Clinics: Contra Costa County officials trying to get the word out on walk-in vaccination appointments

Contra Costa County officials trying to get the word out on walk-in vaccination appointments

Video Transcript

JULIETTE GOODRICH: More walk-in coronavirus vaccine sites are ramping up all across the Bay Area. Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland is hosting clinics today through Monday. San Jose hosted a vaccination site today at City Hall for the disabled and the unsheltered. KPIX5's Wilson Walker is live in Antioch to show us how Contra Costa County is trying to spread the word about walk-in clinics, Wilson.

WILSON WALKER: Juliette, we've talked so much about the age tiers and working our way down towards 16. And it goes without saying that a lot of folks who have been eligible for a long time have not got vaccinated yet. So how do you corral them? How do you get them on board with all this? Well, a very simple answer is you go to them.

FRANCIS JENSEN: I had polio a long time ago when I was a kid when everybody was getting polio. And every one they gave out, I got. I don't-- that I know of.

WILSON WALKER: And here you are.

FRANCIS JENSEN: And here I am, getting another one.

WILSON WALKER: Francis Jensen was able to get a shot without leaving her car today. No appointment needed, just her granddaughter knowing to bring her here.

FRANCIS JENSEN: Oh boy, when she told me-- she's the one that got this for me. I was just so happy.

WILSON WALKER: In Richmond, Shirley Gaer had been holding out until her son told her it was time.

SHIRLEY GAER: He goes-- I said, I'll do it. He goes, you promise? I said yeah, I promise.

MELVIN WILLIS: Just tried to talk to her about it. Told her all my friends, now myself too and other folks have gotten it, and they've been fine to try to get her down there. And also because it's walk-in, no appointment, no trouble.

WILSON WALKER: For a lot of people at these walk-in clinics, eligibility was never an obstacle.

RICHARD SANDOVAL: Those people when their time came months ago probably did not have the resources to get to the mass vaccination centers. But now they do. It's in their front door.

WILSON WALKER: For others, the walk-in option was out of the blue convenience.

CESARE SCOTT: My girlfriend told me about it, that they were doing shots up here. So I decided to come up here with her to get-- to see about getting the shot.

WILSON WALKER: And for some, a simple flyer ended weeks of frustration.

MONYEA WHITE: That's what happened with me today. I'd just seen the sign and just came on in. I've been looking all on the internet and had no luck. And today was my lucky day.

WILSON WALKER: Both sites can vaccinate up to 500 people a day. They are equipped to deal with multiple languages. And all you need is an ID, or maybe a grandchild to get you here.

FRANCIS JENSEN: Yes she did. She helps me do everything, I never would've made it to any one of them, I'll tell you.

WILSON WALKER: A lot of sweet moments like that today. You know, in the midst of the epidemic I often wondered to myself, what is the end or the beginning of the end going-- what's it going to look like? And I think that's what it looks like. It's grandkids getting their grandparents to places like this.

Neighbors looking out for neighbors who have maybe fallen through the cracks and haven't gotten to that appointment yet. If a lot of people take care of each other and look out for each other like that, the end of this really isn't that far away. We're live here in Antioch, Wilson Walker, KPIX5.