"We Walked Into A Nightmare": Torrance Family Finds 800 Birds In Home

A family said they came home from dinner and walked into a scene that looked like it was taken out of Alfred Hitchcock's horror movie, The Birds.

Video Transcript

HERMELA AREGAWI: That's right, Juan and Suzie. Yeah, the family tells me this was all so surreal, and we'll show you the video in just a moment. But imagine you're coming home from a nice dinner, you're expecting to relax. And instead, you find nearly 1,000 birds flying around your home. And just as incredible as the video, is what the family had to do to remove the birds.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: We walked right into a nightmare.

HERMELA AREGAWI: This Torrance family says they came home from dinner and walked into a scene that looked like it was taken right out of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."

- Cover your faces! Cover your eyes!

HERMELA AREGAWI: Patrick Belleville says hundreds of birds invaded their home and refused to leave.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: The birds were just stuck to the ceiling, stuck to every wall. They were hanging on to pictures. Every room-- bathrooms, bedrooms, they're all full of birds. They were just going crazy. I mean, they were hitting me in the head.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: Belleville says a friend called animal control for help.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: The only thing they could do is tell us, "Open your windows and doors." We did that, they didn't go nowhere. The birds just stayed where they were.

HERMELA AREGAWI: So the rest of the family, including his girlfriend's two-year-old daughter, stayed at a hotel for a night while Belleville removed more than 800 birds out of his home by hand.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: I counted 800. I stopped counting after 800. I was just grabbing them, throwing them in the box. Throw them in the box, than I'd take them outside and shake them out of the box and let them go.

HERMELA AREGAWI: After working through the night, Belleville thought he had gotten rid of all the birds. But for two more days, he says some hidden birds continued to terrorize the family.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: After the next day, then there was random birds playing out of closets and stuff. There was like a couple hidden up on top of the refrigerator. And you wouldn't find out because they're very stealth. They'll just sit there until you move something, and then all of a sudden their wings start flapping.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: The birds also left behind a mess of droppings.

PATRICK BELLEVILLE: Everywhere. Everywhere you can think of-- sofas, we tried to clean the floors. Just to getting it off the floors and a lot of the toys. Poor kid, I was just tossing them out the windows. [LAUGHS]

HERMELA AREGAWI: There was a similar scene in Montecito on Sunday. The fire department says more than 1,000 birds invaded a home there. In that case, animal control did intervene. So we spoke to them and they say it appears the birds got in through the chimney. That's how they appear to have gotten in here also, so they say it's important to have screens on your chimneys.

Live in Torrance, Hermela Aregawi, KCAL9 News.

JUAN FERNANDEZ: And keep that flue shut. All right, Hermela. Thanks.

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