Walking trail in Upper Darby takes visitors through historic tour

A new walking trail in Upper Darby, Delaware County, takes residents and visitors on a historic tour through town to highlight often little-known locations on the Underground Railroad.

Video Transcript

- A new walking trail in Upper Darby is taking residents and visitors on a historic tour through town, highlighting often little known locations on the Underground Railroad.

- Yeah, the Historical Society has been really hard at work on the project shedding light on an important part of the struggle for equal rights in America. "Action News" photojournalist Dan Sheridan has the story.


BART EVERTS: These sites are culturally relevant because they tell a story of Black history in the 19th century in Upper Darby.

IVAN HENDERSON: These sites provide connective tissue.

BART EVERTS: So the walking trail spans a good portion of Upper Darby, actually. It starts in the Drexel Hill neighborhoods at Thomas Garrett's house. It's basically a walk you can do through sidewalks. It walks up through the main street. Some of the sites, there's actual buildings that still exist. Other sites, you have to kind of use your imagination. It starts in Drexel Hill, comes all the way through about 4.5 miles until you stop here, which is Sellers Hall. It's the penultimate stop. And then over at the Friends Burial Ground, where it ends right along the Cobbs Creek-Philadelphia border.


IVAN HENDERSON: A trail like this, to me, is important because it makes people aware of the history right beneath their feet and all around them.

ROBERT SEELEY: I think it's very important that we educate the people here in Upper Darby. This is long overdue. It's a part of our history we should be proud of.

NILGUN ANADOLU-OKUR: Walking on this trail is, I think, one of the ways where we can pay our respect to all these people.

IVAN HENDERSON: There's nothing better than discovering that I live in a place where something significant happened.

BARBARANN KEFFER: History is not just for books and movies. It's here. It's living. These homes and these spots are a great resource. We want to highlight Upper Darby and its history.

BART EVERTS: I see this as kind of the beginning of telling a more full history of the Underground Railroad, and really, a more full history of Upper Darby.

- History right beneath our feet.

- Yeah.

- I love that. So much of that in this area.

- Living history, she said.

- Yeah.

- Not just in the books.

- Absolutely. Thanks to Dan Sheridan for telling that story today. The trail, by the way, little less than 5 miles long. Typically takes about two hours to walk, but you also can drive it.

- The Historical Society has detailed directions that you can find on 6abc.com/links. links.