Wall St. shenanigans continue after NY Stock Exchange Twitter account allegedly hacked

David Matthews, New York Daily News
·1 min read

The stock market has had a chaotic last few week, spurred mostly by hedge funds losing billions and billions of dollars as smaller investors propped up companies that were being shorted by traders. The newest development: a possible hacking of the New York Stock Exchange’s Twitter account.

On Sunday afternoon, days after the account’s last tweet, a new post appeared on the timeline of @NYSE.

“hghghg,” the account posted.

Immediately, hashtags representing GameStop, AMC Theaters and other previously doomed businesses that have seen rebounds, flooded the account’s replies.

“New York Stock exchange twitter appears hacked lol,” one tweeted responded. “Can’t wait till they make a movie out of it so we can watch it in $AMC theaters.”

Roughly half an hour after the strange message was posted, it was deleted.