‘Wall of Vets’ Join Protesters in Portland

A group identifying themselves as US military veterans joined protesters outside a federal courthouse in downtown Portland, Oregon, and created a “Wall of Vets” to protect protesters from federal law enforcement agents on July 25.

The video shows a line of veteran soldiers wearing face coverings, helmets, and shirts in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Wall of Vets group was formed after Navy veteran Chris David was seen on video being beaten by federal officers, and called for other veterans to join the protest movement.

Protesters gathered outside the Mark O Hatfield federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, July 24 and the demonstrations went on until the early hours on Saturday.

Federal agents declared the protest “an unlawful assembly” and marched down the street clearing protesters with tear gas, according to reports.

Portland has seen nightly protests following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May. President Donald Trump sent federal agents to the city to halt the unrest but local and state officials criticized the decision. Credit: Justin Yau via Storyful