Wallace and Gromit coin released in celebration of duo’s 30th anniversary

Sabrina Barr
The Royal Mint/PA Wire

A commemorative Wallace and Gromit coin has been released to mark the 30th anniversary of the animated pair.

In 1989, Wallace and Gromit made their first joint appearance on screen in the stop-motion animated film A Grand Day Out.

The duo have been featured in multiple short films, feature films and television series over the past three decades, with the 2005 film Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit becoming the second highest-grossing stop-motion animated film of all time.

To celebrate 30 years since the conception of the widely-beloved characters, The Royal Mint has launched a new 50p coin depicting cheese-loving Wallace and his silent canine companion Gromit.

The coin is inscribed with the Latin phrase “caseus praestans”, which translates to mean “cracking cheese”.

The brilliant uncirculated 50p coin (The Royal Mint/PA Wire)

The coin’s design takes inspiration from A Grand Day Out, which sees Wallace and Gromit team up to build and launch a rocket ship to the moon.

Once they arrive on the moon, Wallace investigates the theory that the surface of the astronomical body is made of cheese.

The Royal Mint coin depicts the outer shell of the spaceship, while a miniature rocket design can be seen between Wallace and Gromit’s names at the bottom.

The silver proof coin (The Royal Mint/PA Wire)

Nick Park, who created Wallace and Gromit at Aardman Animations, said it has been an “honour” to work with The Royal Mint on the celebratory coin.

“When A Grand Day Out was first screened 30 years ago, we never expected for Wallace and Gromit to become such a long-standing, well-loved series around the world,” Mr Park said.

“It’s been an honour to work with The Royal Mint to bring the pair to life in a new way, and everyone at Aardman is so excited to see the pair on a coin.

The gold proof 50p coin (The Royal Mint/PA Wire)

While the coin will not enter general circulation, three different versions of it can be purchased: a brilliant uncirculated finish coin for £10, a silver proof coin for £65 and a 15.5g gold proof coin for £980.

Nicola Howell, director of the consumer division at The Royal Mint, explained why the government-owned mint decided to pay homage to the animated characters.

“Wallace and Gromit are two of Britain’s most loved characters, so we felt it was only right that we marked this momentous anniversary by giving them a place on UK coinage,” Ms Howell said.

“The films are such a huge part of our popular culture and are loved by generations of all ages, so we’re delighted that we can be a part of the 30th anniversary celebrations.”