Wally Kennedy: 'Overwhelming' first few days for Crumbl Cookies

Dec. 30—Christian Jensen was hoping for a good start for Crumbl Cookies, a new storefront that he and his wife, Janci, have opened in the North Park Crossing shopping center.

When asked what the opening has been like, he paused to reflect on the past two weeks: "It was kind of crazy. The show of support has been overwhelming. We are so grateful."

The small shop, located south of the Jefferson's restaurant at 430 S. Geneva Ave., had people waiting in line for days in a row. When I visited the shop on Wednesday, there was a steady stream of people placing and picking up cookie orders.

"When we opened, it was a continuous stream of people with a line out the door from the time we opened at 8 a.m. until we closed," he said. "People know they can come here for a fresh cookie."

All of the ingredients to make the cookies are fresh. They are mixed and baked in batches while you wait. Some are served warm. Some are served chilled. When they run out of a batch, a new one is introduced and posted on an electronic board.

Most people select their cookies — there are usually six choices — at an electronic ordering station and pay for it there with a debit or credit card. You can order in person if you prefer to do that.

A single cookie costs $4.48. A box of four will cost you $14.60. I chose a peanut butter cookie, two chocolate chip cookies and one with vanilla frosting. Crumbl Cookies has more than 200 flavors in its lineup.

These are big cookies. How big are they? I used a measuring tape to determine that they were 4 1/2 inches across and more than a half inch thick in some cases. These cookies are so big that Crumbl Cookies will provide you with a plastic cookie cutter that divides a single cookie into four equal pieces for people who like to share their cookies. Well, isn't that special — like I'm going to share my cookies.

Jensen said they have had no trouble with hiring people to work in the shop.

"We have about 65 employees right now with low turnover. We would like to have 70 to 75. We are always taking applications," he said.

Delivery, curbside pickup, catering and shipping is available via the Crumbl app and online at crumbl.com. If you are looking for a quick gift for a friend, these cookies are served in nifty pink boxes.

Store hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.

Indoor golf

What is a golfer to do when the temperatures outside are in the single digits or the wind is howling at 40 mph?

Well, you could visit The Golf Lounge at 422 S. Main St. and spend some time on a Trackman Indoor Golf simulator. This shop, located in the former Runaround shoe store, has simulators in two bays that are each available for $50 per hour. More than one person can play at a time.

Mike Moudy, whose son Chris has opened this entertainment venue, gave me a tour of the place last week. While I was there, I watched a young man practice his swings. This guy could whack a golf ball into next week. It was impressive. It's been a long time since I have heard the whoosh of a powerful swing. The simulator analyzed his shot and calculated how far the ball had landed from the hole on a huge screen that gives the golfer a view of the course that is similar to what he might experience in real life.

"You can choose from more than 230 courses from across the world," Moudy said. "They are adding three new courses a month."

You can program the simulator to help analyze your swings and putts to improve your game.

Golf, as a sport, has its ups and downs in terms of popularity. Apparently, it has been an up year for golf. I have golfed, but I am not a golfer. I asked Moudy if he could explain the attraction that so many have for this sport.

"You go out and you play badly all day, and then on the last shot you bring it home. That's what makes you want to go back," Moudy said.

The shop had its grand opening in late October when the weather was still somewhat favorable for outdoor golf. Now that winter has arrived, the place has been busy with bookings. Bookings may be arranged at golflouge417.com@gmail.com.

Walk-ins are welcome, but calling in advance is recommended. Bring your own clubs.

Hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Contact Wally Kennedy at wkennedy@joplinglobe.com.