New Walmart app lets employees view work schedules, clock in

·1 min read

Walmart revealed a new app yesterday to help employees see work schedules, clock in, communicate with one another and locate merchandise.

  • To ensure access to the app, Walmart will provide more than 740,000 Samsung smartphones to employees by the end of the year, free of charge.

  • That's roughly half of its U.S. workforce.

Why it matters: Walmart's app combines HR functions with retail-related communications to help employees work more efficiently.

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The phones are WiFi-enabled so employees can use them at work without cost. They can choose to use them as a personal device, but will have to pay for their own cell service.

  • The app, dubbed Me@Walmart, will block work-related features while an employee is off the clock.

  • The company promises employees' personal privacy will be safeguarded.

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