Walmart bans man for 99 years after he’s accused of shoplifting shoes in Washington

Alan Diaz/AP file

Walmart banned a man from its stores for 99 years after he was accused of stealing a pair of shoes, Washington authorities said.

The man was seen wearing the shoes while walking down aisles at a Walmart in Spokane Valley on Monday, Aug. 8, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said.

A pair of “worn shoes” were shown to authorities where the man had been seen standing, deputies said.

When deputies tried to tell the man to return the shoes, he ran out of the store without paying.

A deputy followed the man and told him he was under arrest, but he fled, the sheriff’s office said.

Eventually he was arrested and taken into custody on charges of third-degree theft and resisting arrest. He also had a felony warrant out on a charge of identity theft.

Walmart barred the man for 99 years and returned the shoes he left inside the store, the sheriff’s office said.

A manager at the Spokane Valley store told McClatchy News she could not provide any information regarding the man’s 99-year ban from the store.

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