Walmart, Best Buy In Oswego To Require Masks

Abhinanda Datta

OSWEGO, IL — Walmart joined a growing list of retailers Wednesday when the company announced it will soon require shoppers to wear masks. The requirement applies to Walmart’s 5,000-plus U.S. stores.

The requirement goes into effect Monday, the company said.

There is one Walmart stores in Oswego.

Walmart joins a growing list of retailers issuing blanket policies requiring mask use by customers. On Tuesday, Best Buy announced it would start requiring masks in all stores. A similar mandate went into effect at Starbucks on Wednesday, and Costco has required masks since May.

Best Buy in Oswego is located at 2600 Walter Payton Memorial Hwighway.

While details of the new policy are still being ironed out for Walmart stores, according to The New York Times, the company said Sam’s Club will provide complimentary masks to customers who don’t have one.

In its statement, Walmart said that 65 percent of its stores currently are in areas where there is already some form of government mandate to wear masks.

In addition to posting signage at the front of stores, Walmart has created a new role of "health ambassador," who will be stationed near the entrance to remind those without a mask of the new requirements.

Walmart in Oswego is located at 2300 Route 34.

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