Walmart plans to build $450M distribution center in SC to provide 400 jobs

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Walmart plans to build a $450 million distribution center in Spartanburg County which the big box chain expects to create 400 supply-chain jobs, the company announced Tuesday.

The more than 720,000-square-foot facility in Lyman, serve as a distribution facility. Workers will deliver perishable groceries, such as produce, eggs, dairy, flowers and frozen goods, to nearby stores. It is slated to be the company’s largest grocery distribution center and is expected to be able to move twice as much product than a traditional grocery distribution center, the company said.

The distribution center, which will provide technology-focused jobs, is scheduled to open in 2024.

Walmart has been investing this year in automated technology in its supply chain.

“Walmart’s high-tech grocery distribution center will include game-changing innovations that are radically disrupting the supply chain, getting products onto shelves for our customers even faster, while saving time for our associates,” said David Guggina, Walmart’s senior vice president for automation and innovation, in a statement

The project is slated to receive job development credits approved by the state Coordinating Council for Economic Development, according to a news release.

“Along with strengthening Spartanburg’s robust logistics sector, this significant investment by Walmart continues a pattern of Spartanburg being increasingly connected to the larger, nationwide economy,” said David Britt, Spartanburg County council member who chairs the Economic Development Committee, in a statement.

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