Walrus First Spotted in Ireland Turns Up on Welsh Coast

A walrus first spotted on Valentia Island, in the west of Ireland, last week was seen again on March 20 on the coast of Wales.

The sighting was reported near Broad Haven South beach, Pembrokeshire, local media said.

RSPCA wildlife officer Ellie West went to check the walrus’s welfare on March 20. She said that “although appearing slightly underweight, thankfully he wasn’t displaying any signs of sickness or injury.”

Geoff Edmond, RSPCA national wildlife coordinator, said: “This was a landmark day for the RSPCA’s wildlife team. While we’ve been rescuing animals and responding to welfare calls for almost 200 years, I believe this is our first ever walrus call!" Credit: RSPCA via Storyful

Video Transcript

ELLIE WEST: Hi. I'm Ellie. I'm an animal rescue officer with the RSPCA. I'm also a wildlife officer. Have a keen interest in all wildlife, particularly seals. I work in generally the Pembrokeshire coastline area, so I have-- we have generally a very busy seal season.

And this afternoon I've been called to a location where we've been monitoring a walrus. So apart from it being very, very, very surreal and very, very unusual, I have to admit my main emotion is feeling quite sad that this poor guy has turned up over here on a very, very long journey very, very far away from home. And an unknown future for him, bless him.

And the biggest thing we can do now is allowing this beauty to rest up.

- Yes.

- Yes, yes, yes, yes. So his flipper's all right, Ellie?


- He's going in.

- There he is.

- Keep going out, that way. That way. That way.