Walrus washes up in Wales

A walrus, usually found in the Artic, has washed up on the Welsh coast. The RSPCA seem at a loss as to how to help it.

Video Transcript


IVOR BENNETT: On the rocks of a Pembrokeshire beach yesterday an unbelievable yet unmistakable sight. It's the first official sighting of a walrus on this coastline, a week after one was spotted in Ireland. It's thought to be the same animal. But the allure of such an appearance is superseded by alarm.

ELLIE WEST: Apart from it being very, very, very surreal and very, very unusual, I have to admit my-- my main emotion is feeling quite sad that this poor guy is turned up over here on a very, very long journey very, very far away from home, and an unknown future for him, bless him.

IVOR BENNETT: If it is the same walrus that was seen here in Ireland, it swam to Wales from county Kerry, but before that, it will have traveled from much further afield. These giant mammals are native to the Arctic. It's thought this one may have fallen asleep on an iceberg and drifted hundreds of miles south into waters that are much warmer than it's used to.

TERRY LEADBETTER: I think it's way out of its environment, and whether it will adapt to that, I don't know. But we're left with a dilemma that, I mean, if we were able to catch it, I mean, where would we take it to? I mean, there's no facilities that I'm aware of in this country that we could actually take it to. So, obviously, we have to, sort of, give it the option to take its own chance.

IVOR BENNETT: Experts hope it has taken that chance after watching it slip back into the sea yesterday evening. As wondrous a creature as this is, it's not one they want to see here.

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IVOR BENNETT: Ivor Bennett, Sky News.