Walt Disney World guest accused of trespassing after refusing to receive a temperature check

Body camera footage shows a Walt Disney World guest being arrested after refusing a temperature check at a restaurant.

Video Transcript

- Sir, it's private property.

- We are asking you leave. We are going to escort you out now, sir. You are officially being trespassed. You either leave, or you don't.

- Sir, the last time that you're going to be told. You have to leave, or we will remove you from the property.

- For what reason?

- On Disney's behalf. It's private property.

- I paid $15,000 to come here.

- It's private property, sir.

- Start walking, sir.

- You have to leave. They're asking you to leave.

- You're telling me. I spent 15 grand.

- Put your hands behind your back, sir. You refused to leave after being told to do so.

- Get your hands off me.

- No.

- Can I call the police?

- Back up. Stop pushing it. All you had to do was get temperature checked. That's it. All you would have had to do is just get temperature checked.

- I paid $15,000. You can't trespass for paying $15,000.

- Sir.

- You know how much stock I own in Disney?