WandaVision cast and creator talk integrating the Blip in episode four’s big “reset”

The first three episodes of the new Disney+ miniseries WandaVision primarily focused on the idyllic suburban life of Wanda and Vision. That all changed with episode four which upended that, to some degree, by injecting some more traditional Marvel DNA into the mix.

Series creator Jac Schaeffer and stars Randall Park (FBI Agent Jimmy Woo) and Kat Dennings (Dr. Darcy Lewis) recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about the big "reset," the love from fans about the show and a desire for potential spinoffs, and how their characters fared during the Blip.

Watch the interview above for more details but take note - spoiler alert!

Video Transcript

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KEVIN POLOWY: Congratulations on the series so far. So awesome. I'm truly loving it and I'm clearly not alone. What have been your favorite or maybe the most surprising reactions you've gotten to the series thus far?

JAC SCHAEFFER: Well, I think, you know, the close attention to little details. The close attention to production design, and props, and that kind of thing-- to small lines of dialogue. Things like Jimmy Woo's card trick-- which, of course, totally entertained us in the writers' room when we came up with it-- and had no idea that it would become so totally memeable.

KAT DENNINGS: I saw some stuff on Twitter only because I saw that I got an emoji. Like, Marvel's doing this amazing thing where each character hashtag gets their own little emoji. So I saw that and I was so excited. I couldn't believe that I had an emoji. It was, like, the best day of my life.

RANDALL PARK: It's so amazing and so cool that people are talking about a spin-off series with Jimmy and Darcy, or an X-Files type of show. Hearing all the love and also hearing the theories that fans are coming up with-- I just think, gosh, these fans are so smart and so clever. It's really cool to be a part of a project where people are so engaged in that way.

KEVIN POLOWY: You know, of course, you would still hear murmurs from certain sets of the Marvel fandom-- that it wasn't "Marvel-y" enough or what have you-- in the early goings. Of course, that really changed with episode four.

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KEVIN POLOWY: How much of conversation was that for you guys? Like, how many traditional Marvel elements you would mix into those first three episodes, and when you would dive sort of more directly into the Cinematic Universe.

JAC SCHAEFFER: One of the things that's so wonderful about sitcoms is it makes an agreement with the audience. When you sit down for a sitcom, you know what you're going to get. That's why we love it. And I wanted to manipulate that. I wanted to take advantage of that-- violate that pact that a sitcom has with its audience.

But on the flip side, I wanted to make sure that the fans felt taken care of, that they felt-- everybody shows up to a Marvel property with a certain expectation. In our show, it's not doled out in the sort of previously established mode. But it is there. It was my hope that people would hang on in order to achieve the sort of answers, and the thrills, and the distinct Marvel style that we're now providing.

KEVIN POLOWY: What can you say about revisiting the Blip and how you guys approach that scene?

JAC SCHAEFFER: It's always exciting when we would hatch an idea in the room, and then kind of be like-- are they going to let us do it? Can we play with this thing that's so important?

Episode four was always meant to be this kind of reset, and step outside, and answering of questions. And tonally had to be like a complete about-face. Most importantly, it was the introduction to adult Monica. This was a way to see her in a crisis scenario-- to learn about her in that sort of space.

And then Matt and the production team brought so much energy to that shot-- to the Steadicam feel of it, the intensely POV feel of it. And then, of course, like, Tara DeMarco, visual effects supervisor-- all of those people returning. It's so visceral.

KEVIN POLOWY: Do you know what Jimmy's fate was during the Blip? Like, did that come out to you guys? Have you--

RANDALL PARK: No, it didn't. I did ask around about that and got various theories. My theory is that he wasn't. But, you know, I'm not for sure. I mean, he had to learn those card tricks, right? I mean, you know, he needed that time.

KAT DENNINGS: I asked, and we decided Darcy was not blipped.


KAT DENNINGS: So all I want in this life is to do a flashback of Darcy not being blipped. That's, like, my dearest wish. So maybe one day.

Well, my cat and I-- the MCU is really the "Millie Cinematic Universe." This is Millie, my cat. She's been waiting all day to show up in these interviews. This has been the most cat-centric interview so far, and I love it.