'WandaVision' director said there was a deleted scene in the finale where the rabbit turned into a demon

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Jacob Sarkisian
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wandavision wanda agatha
Kathryn Hahn played Agatha Harkness in "WandaVision." Disney Platform Distribution
  • "WandaVision" director Matt Shakman said a deleted scene featured a demon chase sequence.

  • In the finale, Darcy, Monica, and Ralph would find Agatha's rabbit, which would turn into a demon.

  • This deleted scene alludes to the presence of Mephisto, who many thought was going to feature.

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"WandaVision" director Matt Shakman said that a deleted scene from the show's finale featured Darcy, Monica, and Ralph facing off against a demon, hinting at the presence of a character many wanted to see in the show - Mephisto.

While appearing on Kevin Smith's podcast on March 8, Shakman talked about a plan they had for Agatha's rabbit, Señor Scratchy, that ultimately didn't make the cut "because the finale had so many different chess pieces."

"We did have a whole sequence where Darcy, Monica, and Ralph meet up with the kids in Agatha's house, and they think they should steal the Darkhold from the basement because the kids had seen it when they were down there being held hostage by Agatha," Shakman said.

WandaVision darkhold 2
The Darkhold has an entire chapter on the Scarlet Witch. Disney Platform Distribution

"And they go down there to get the book and the rabbit hops up in front of the book. And they're like, 'Oh it's Señor Scratchy he's the best,' and they reach over to pet him. And then this whole 'American Werewolf in London' transformation happens and the rabbit turns into this big demon. And then this whole 'Goonies' set-piece ensues where they try to escape from the rabbit."

While Shakman did not specify if this demon would have been specifically Mephisto, another named character, or just a generic demon, this sequence may have filled the void many fans felt after the finale when a popular theory involving Mephisto didn't play out.

Mephisto, Marvel's version of the Devil, has strong links with Wanda, Agatha, and Doctor Strange in the comics, and many touted him to be the big bad guy behind all of the strange goings-on in Westview.

The M&B logo could be a reference to Mephisto and Blackheart. Disney Platform Distribution

Ultimately, that did not happen. However, there were still moments in the finale that suggested Mephisto had a presence in the show and in the MCU going forward. "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," will explore the multiverse, while Doctor Strange will appear in both movies and Wanda will continue her story from "WandaVision" in the "Doctor Strange" sequel.

There is still time and room for Mephisto to appear, but it would have been cool to see Marvel embrace their weirder, more demonic side with the demon chase scene. It turns out, the sequence wasn't too far away from being included as Shakman told Smith that they shot all of it but didn't finish the VFX for it.

"It was a great sequence, it was super fun, everyone was great in it. But we ended up moving it aside because it was a huge detour in the middle of everything else we had going on," Shakman said.

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