'WandaVision' fans delighted by FallonVision sketch on 'The Tonight Show'

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon delighted WandaVision fans Wednesday as star Elizabeth Olsen joined Fallon for FallonVision. Like in the show, Olsen and Fallon seamlessly traveled from decade to decade, with their hairstyles and clothing changing with them to match the times, as did the Tonight Show set and opening graphics. But FallonVision was a bit of a role reversal from her WandaVision character, as Olsen was the one trying to snap Fallon back to a reality he was trying to avoid. As decades progressed, Olsen implored Fallon to stop the madness, but Fallon wasn’t the one causing it. Shortly after they got to the present, of course, Kathryn Hahn appeared and revealed herself to be the one behind the craziness.

Video Transcript

- How are you doing? Are you comfortable? I see they got you a water.

- Water? Well that's an odd way to pronounce rum punch.

- "WandaVision" star Elizabeth Olsen joined Jimmy Fallon for FallonVision on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday, where just like in the mega hit show The two seamlessly traveled from decade to decade.

- Why aren't we in the same room? Why are we in these-- these boxes? Jimmy, I got to get out of here.

- No.

- In the sketch it was a role reversal for Olsen, as she was the one trying to snap Fallon back to a reality he was avoiding.

- Seriously, who's laughing? Jimmy, you don't have an audience. Are you doing all of this? Is this because you want things to be back to normal, right? like before the pandemic? No? No, don't.

- Viewers absolutely loved the idea. One tweeted, "#FallonVision was one of the best late-night sketches I have ever seen. Go check it out asap." While another wrote, "I don't watch The Tonight Show, but damn was this good."

- Time to lick it for 10.

- Jimmy, snap out of it. OK? This isn't reality. I know you're trying to cope. I know that, but you can't keep controlling all of this.

- I'm not controlling all of--

- Jimmy.

- Another viewer pointed out the plot twist at the end showing who was really behind the FallonVision craziness and of course, who else could it be?

- Now everyone's going crazy for this. You've got to tell me about your new show, "WandaVision".

- Wait, it's-- it's still-- but if it wasn't you then who was it?

- Oh, poor Elizabeth.