'You Want Me to Be a Karen?' Dairy Queen Employee Gets Angry at Customer for Asking Her to Wear Mask

A Dairy Queen manager was filmed in a heated exchange with a customer on July 4 after he asked her why an employee wasn’t wearing a mask.

Brandon Trotta, who recorded this footage, told Storyful he took his children to the Dairy Queen in Medford, New York, for a treat ahead of their Independence Day evening celebrations. He said he noticed the staff member preparing his order was not wearing a mask, as required by the state of New York, and the manager, who was also without a mask, became confrontational when he asked why.

“You want me to be a Karen?” the manager asks in the video, before continuing: “‘Cause I’ll be a Karen, okay?”

Trotta asks for his money back and the manager orders another employee to give “him his f***ing money” before telling Trotta to “get the f*** outta here” and “don’t come back.” She slams the serving window closed and makes a crude gesture as Trotta drives off telling her to wear a “mask before you get your employees sick.”

Trotta posted the video on Facebook, tagging Dairy Queen and writing that it was “Not Acceptable.” Dairy Queen replied to the post, writing that the chain shared his concerns and had contacted the franchise owner “who tells us the crew member is on suspension pending an internal investigation.”

“Know that Dairy Queen expects its franchisees and franchisees’ employees to treat every person they serve safely with both dignity and respect and we are sorry that wasn’t your experience,” it wrote. Credit: Brandon Trotta via Storyful