Want to go see the Bengals-Bills game in person? How much it’ll cost to get to Buffalo

After a white-knuckle fourth quarter, the Cincinnati Bengals are moving on to the next round of the playoffs and heading to Buffalo to take on the Bills. If you want to head to New York to watch them, it’s going to cost you.

News Center 7 checked Ticketmasker Monday and saw that the cheapest tickets to Sunday’s game at Highmark Stadium are $116 a piece.

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A person with money to spend could rent a private jet that can hold up to seven passengers. That would cost about $25,000 an hour, according to one private jet charter company’s website and a local aviation source.

If you want to fly commercial from Dayton to Buffalo, the cheapest round trip flight our team could find flying out of Dayton International Airport this weekend was $575 on American Airlines. But if you want to fly from Cincinnati or Columbus to Buffalo, you can get a round trip ticket from $281 on American Airlines. That wouldn’t include the gas you’d use to drive to the airport and back.

With a the current national average for gas being $3.35 a gallon, driving to Buffalo could cost you anywhere from $105-$135 round trip in gas.

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If you want to hit the road, but you don’t want to drive, then you could take a bus. A roundtrip bus ride from Dayton to Buffalo will run anywhere from $87-$159 depending on your seating options.

Bengals fans who want to watch the game, but don’t want to travel to Buffalo can watch the game for free on WHIO-TV at 3 p.m. Sunday.