Wanted: Denver Teens Who Can Deliver Meals To Baby Boomers

Nikki Gaskins

DENVER, CO—Zoomers to Boomers, a nonprofit launched by a group of California teens during the coronavirus pandemic, is looking for fellow Gen Z'ers in Denver to help them deliver groceries to members of the Baby Boomer generation and people with underlying health conditions.

"We are helping the elderly and the immunocompromised in our community," said 17-year-old Daniel Goldberg who founded Zoomers to Boomers a few months ago. "There are many more people in need across the country, and we need more volunteers in this time of crisis. You can join us in your own community."

How the service works

The nonprofit's mission is simple: delivering groceries to neighbors in need. While people, including those in Denver, who take advantage of the service do have to pay for the groceries, they are not charged a delivery fee. Tips are also not necessary.

"We will bring a receipt for the groceries, and will accept cash, Venmo, or a check written out to the driver as payment for the groceries," the nonprofit said on its website. "Our drivers will call prior to delivery with the total cost and an ETA."

For people who use the service, they are asked to limit their delivery requests to once per week and include no more than 12 items on their grocery list order. After an order is placed, volunteers will deliver the groceries with 24 hours, according to Zoomers to Boomers.

"We have some flexibility with grocery stores at which we shop so please let us know and we will do the best we can. Please note that during the pandemic, it's possible that certain items will be out of stock. We will do the best we can for you," the nonprofit said on its website.

For details on how to order, visit https://www.zoomerstoboomers.com/denver.

How Denver teens can volunteer

Three weeks after initially launching the nonprofit in California in mid-March, the nonprofit quickly expanded to 11 cities nationwide. Today, they are in 25 cities around the globe, including in India.

"It's expanding every day," said Alexander Wilson, the nonprofit's vice president of finance.

While they have more than 300 volunteers around the globe, the nonprofit said more are needed. Helping out is easy. For teens interested in serving as volunteers, they can simply go to this link to sign up. If approved, Zoomers to Boomers will be in touch.

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This article originally appeared on the Denver Patch