War seriously disrupted Russian military training system – UK Intelligence

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Russia's training of military personnel based on the weaker Belarusian army shows that the war in Ukraine has seriously disrupted the training system of the Russian military.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence update on 24 March 2023; European Pravda

The UK Defence Intelligence noted that as of mid-March 2023, Russia had likely redeployed at least 1,000 troops who had been training at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground in south-western Belarus.

Although no new rotation of troops has been noted, Russia has highly likely left the tented camp in place, suggesting it is considering continuing the training programme.

"The fact Russia has resorted to training its personnel under the much less-experienced Belarusian army highlights how Russia’s ‘special military operation’ has severely dislocated the Russian military’s training system – instructors have largely been deployed in Ukraine," the report states.

In addition, as British Intelligence states, Russia likely also views Belarus’s continued indirect support to the operation as important political messaging.

Background: A journalistic investigation by a number of media outlets revealed that the Russian authorities have drawn up a detailed plan for how the Kremlin plans to establish full control over neighbouring Belarus over the next decade under the pretext of a merger of the two countries.

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