"War has taken everything from me": woman injured in attack on Donetsk Oblast undergoes prosthetic surgery in Lviv

A 63-year-old woman from Toretsk, Donetsk Oblast, underwent prosthetic surgery in Lviv.

The Nezlamni ("Unbreakable") Rehabilitation Centre has said that Olena Miakyna came under a Russian attack, as a result of which projectile fragments slashed her body.

The woman was injured while working in a grocery store in her native town of Toretsk, which is still under fire from Russian occupiers.

"When the first Russian projectile landed nearby, Olena ran out of the building. The second projectile hit the store directly. Olena's colleague, who did not leave the building, was killed," the medics tell the woman's story.


Photo: Unbreakable

Olena sustained shrapnel wounds, and one piece of shrapnel cut her thigh.

"As the projectiles continued to fly, the woman covered her head with her hands and screamed: ‘Oh, God, I want to live so much!’," the doctors quoted the woman as saying.

Search and rescue workers evacuated the wounded woman to Kostiantynivka, where she received first aid.

However, her husband has died – his heart could not handle it when he heard about Olena's injury. She couldn’t even say goodbye to him.

"The war took everything from me: my home, my family, my job. In one moment, I lost everything. There is a huge wound in my soul that I will never be able to heal," says Olena.


Later, doctors in Dnipro removed the fragment, stabilised the woman's condition and sent her to Lviv for further treatment.

Trauma surgeon Volodymyr Vovchko says the woman's joint was replaced with a prosthesis. In this way, the specialists managed to preserve the function of the limb. Now Olena is recovering from the surgery and is already taking her first steps.

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