War in Ukraine can escalate into World War III, Russia is preparing – Zelenskyy

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has pointed out that the war in Ukraine could escalate into World War III, as Russia is fuelling conflicts around the world and will continue to press until the US and China force it to stop.

Source: Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with UK tabloid The Sun

Details: Zelenskyy said that the war started by Russia in Ukraine could escalate into World War III.

He stated that the massacre in Israel was a very big desire of Russia and that it helped train Hamas militants. Zelenskyy stressed that Russia and Iran are partners.

He believes that Vladimir Putin is deliberately starting "fires" around the world that risk getting out of control if he is not stopped.

Quote: "China can push Russia more. I don’t see that they [China] are interested in the Middle East, unlike Russia and Iran. I don’t think that China is interested in helping Russia occupy Ukraine.

Everything is not very simple… Ukraine today is in the centre of these global risks of World War III. And I really think that Russia will push until the United States and China together will tell them very, very seriously to get out of the [Ukrainian] territory…

Russia doesn’t feel that the whole world is against it. And we really think that they are preparing now in the Balkans, they are doing new steps. And we think they are trying to train some people. And I think they will not finish.

Their idea is to begin one conflict, burn fires… I think their idea is the destabilisation by using and starting new fires."

Details: Zelenskyy stated that Kyiv is facing many problems right now, including problems with support in the US Congress. He acknowledged that the situation in the Middle East is not helping Ukraine.

Zelenskyy acknowledged that Ukraine would be unable to gain victory without Western assistance, as its own military and financial resources would be insufficient to defend itself.

Zelenskyy said that if Russia defeats Ukraine, NATO countries will be next.

Quote: "We are losing our people – not Europeans or Americans. I don’t wish you, of course, to lose your soldiers...

If they destroy us and kill us, they will occupy NATO countries. Very quickly. Like Baltic states, Poland, or others. And after that, you will move your soldiers, otherwise, there will be no NATO."

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