'Warm' day ahead after the last freeze for a while

We will finally thaw out from this historic week of weather. Here's how warm we get.

Video Transcript

KEVIN ROTH: Good morning, everyone. I'm Meteorologist Kevin Roth. 1-minute weather update time. And finally, we're starting to see some improvements. Now, this morning is still frigid, no doubt about it.

We have a hard freeze warning in effect for areas north and west of Harris County. That goes through 9:00 AM. It is a freezing start for a lot of us today, but these high temperatures will gradually be warming.

I have the high today in Houston at 57 degrees. This is still below average, but 57 is going to feel amazing compared to where we have been. Kind of felt similar yesterday where it wasn't a warm day by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly warmer. And that warming trend continues through the weekend so that highs on Sunday are into the mid to upper 60s. Beautiful stuff here. Finally breaking out of that frigid air.

Now, we do have another cold front on the way, and we'll get to that in a bit. Through this afternoon, it's mostly sunny skies. So those mid to upper 50s will feel even better than that.

We'll see an increase in cloud cover on Sunday as those southerly winds return, the warming trend returns. And then it's very late on Sunday and into early Monday when our next cold front arrives. Could bring a chance for some showers. That is rain showers, not freezing rain, not sleet, not snow, nothing like that. It is just a chance for some rain.

And the air back behind this next cold front isn't nearly as cold as what we've been dealing with. So it is a weak front that moves in late Sunday and early Monday. In the meantime, 57 near high today; 67 on Sunday. That low chance of some showers, along with that front.

And then Monday and Tuesday, all that front really does is clear out some of the moisture, clear out the clouds, clear out the potential for some sea fog. Sunny skies Monday and Tuesday.

Rain chances back in the picture there by the middle and end of the week, as another front looks to arrive on Thursday. Again, a weaker front. So you look at this entire forecast here, that 10-day forecast.

Today is the coldest day by a significant margin. Then its highs in the 60s and even 70s. Lows mostly in the 50s and 60s. All in all, some much better, much warmer weather is on the way.

And this morning is the final freezing day. That's the most important part. It's the final freeze that most of us will be dealing with here, at least through the extended forecast.

Could there still be another freeze down the road? Sure. It is possible. Though, at this point, it is not overly likely. I'm Meteorologist Kevin Roth. That's a look at your 1-minute weather update.