Warm and Sunny Before Cold and Snow Returns

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Video Transcript

CALLIE ZANANDRIE: Good Sunday morning to you. I'm Callie Zanandrie with a look at your forecast. Well, if you liked the weather yesterday, you're going to love the weather today. Taking you outside right now to Lookout Mountain. Currently 38 degrees, plenty of sunshine out there.

At the airport 39, downtown 42, and winds are light on the south southwest at 14 miles per hour. On the eastern plains this morning, 33 in Limon and 39 in Burlington. Up in the High Country, 21 in Frisco and 27 in Avon.

Our weather Watcher Pam reporting 33 degrees this morning from her home in Littleton. On the satellite and radar, quiet and calm conditions throughout the state. That's because of a ridge of high pressure is going to dominate our weather today into tomorrow.

But then check that out. That area of low pressure up in Canada is going to have a cold front sneak into the area Monday night into Tuesday, bringing with it colder temperatures, as well as a chance for us to see a little bit of snow and windier weather. It's also prompted a fire weather watch for Monday afternoon because we could see very windy conditions, especially on the eastern plains.

Let's put the Futurecast into motion. Dry and calm today into tomorrow. We'll see those windy conditions, but then that chance for snow comes Monday into Tuesday with much colder temperatures.

Before we get there, though, enjoy today. Absolutely gorgeous out there. 65 for a high at the airport, along the eastern plains. we could even see some 70s in places like Lamar, 71 for high. Up in the High Country it's going to definitely be spring skiing conditions in the 40s and 50s and on the western slope. 64 in Grand Junction.

Overnight, tonight mild with an overnight low of 36 here in the city. On your five-day forecast today, 65, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 70, but we will see windy conditions.

And then that system moves in Monday night into Tuesday, bringing much colder temperatures our way Tuesday, and that chance for us to see some snow. But again, not much accumulation 'cause it's a fast mover.

We rebound quickly, though. 51 by Wednesday. On Thursday, the first day of April, 63 degrees for opening day. And then by Easter weekend, a stretch of 70s for the first weekend of April. Have a great day.