Warm today, rain chances ramp up next week

WLKY meteorologist Susanne Horgan has a look at your forecast.

Video Transcript

SUSANNE HORGAN: Hi, I'm WLKY meteorologist, Susanne Horgan. A very pleasant day for today with quiet weather expected. It's after today that we are going to get set up in a pattern that's going to be bringing us a daily rain chance. It looks like an opportunity for some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity each day as we head into next week. So a very summerlike pattern where it's warm, it's muggy, and then we have locally heavy downpours developing, so certainly something to keep in mind. Make sure you have your rain gear handy over the next several days.

SUSANNE HORGAN: But for today, I think we're going to be all right. You can see as we head throughout the day today, we'll have dry skies. As we take you into tomorrow, even as early as the morning hours, we're going to keep our eyes peeled for the potential of some scattered showers and storms. And then we continue to have the risk of scattered shower and thunderstorm activity throughout the day into your afternoon hours. So we'll be watching for that.

SUSANNE HORGAN: And then as we make our way into your Monday, we do it all over again with the risk of additional shower and thunderstorm activity and temperatures topping out into the 80s. Mostly sunny and warm for today. It is the pick day of the weekend. Overnight, down to 68 degrees. For tomorrow, temperatures in the middle 80s with that chance of scattered showers and storms. We hold on to the risk of scattered shower and thunderstorm activity on a daily basis into next week.